Kulisenko L. A., Chechel S. I. The meaning and the origin of phraseological units with numerical component

  • This article focuses on the analysis of phraseological unit’s semantics with a numerical component that are used in the modern Ukrainian language. Also, in this scientific work we reviewed correlation between numerical symbolic value in the Ukrainian culture and frequency of using certain numerical components in the fraseological units. Source analysis of the Ukrainian phraseological system verifies extremely diverse areas of their power, a strong bond with the history and life of the people. It is frequently used in the quantitative phraseological numbers of the first dozen, which is associated with the cultural traditions of the Ukrainian people.The folk language, everyday life, fairy tales, Biblical and other sources give origin for phraseological units with the numeric component.
  • phraseology, fraseological unit, numerical component, numbers symbolism, antonymic row, synonymic row.
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