Kobyakova I., Baranova S., Polishchiuk I. Quantitative Phraseological Units: Translation Aspects

  • The article deals with the determination of the role of numerical expressions in human lives and, particularly, in the language system. The methods of translation of English quantitative idioms into the Ukrainian language (phraseological equivalents, phraseological analogies, the calque and descriptive method) are investigated. The use of a specific method of translating English phraseological units is determined and explained according to their structure, connotative, denotative and significative meanings, subjective evaluation connotations. The examples of using a specific method of translation are represented. The problems of the differentiation of the “hidden” phraseological units are also described. The representation of the numeral polysemy and its ability to be converted into different parts of speech is distinguished.
  • numeral, quantitative, denotative, connotative, significative meaning, equivalent, analogy, calque.
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