Kalian, K. O. Subject Structure of R. Kataeva`s Poetry

  • The article is devoted to the research of the architectonics of R. Kataeva`s poetry and its subject system. In the course of the investigation of interaction between author and character`s conceptions we`ve come to the conclusion that R. Kataeva`s lyrics is highly autopsychological. Speech subject of the majority of poetess` works is lyrical ”I” that retransmits the consciousness of biographical author, becoming in such a way a connecting link between the world and the poem. Along with direct and indirect forms of speech, the poetess uses varied dialogical structures that provide dialogic connection not only on the inline but also on the outline textual levels.
  • Р. Катаевa, субъект высказывания, автопсихологичность, лирическое “я”, диалогичность, Р. Катаєвa, суб’єкт вимови, автопсихологічність, ліричне “я”, діалогічність, R. Kataeva, speech subject, autopsychology, lyrical “I”, dialogicality
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