Kalantaevskaya G., Sypchenko T. Emotionally-minded accents of meditative lyrics by Anatoliy Grizun (collection “Ring-Zodiac”)

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.21272/ftrk.2018.10(1)-16 

  • The article finds out emotionally-minded and problem-tematic features of meditative lyrics by A. Grizun. It is characterized by high internal voltage, philosophical fullness, organic combination of spiritual and rational parts, the mood on natural biological rhythms, artistic and aesthetic perception of everyday life. General attention is directed to the poet’s search of “the essence is invisible” by lyrical hero, to his observation of time travesty of nature, to ecological anxieties, thoughts about moral values, which were found incarnation in miniatures of collection “Ring-Zodiac”. The author also characterizes the inner world, ethical imperatives of the lyrical character, search for new impressions, inquiry, intellectual and emotional lust.
  • autobiographical motifs, meditative lyrics, propensity to self-immolation.
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