Journal History

The history of the journal «Filologichni Traktaty» starts with the foundation of the scientific journal “Visnyk of Sumy State University” in 1994. At that time the journal appeared twice a year and included 5 parts:

  • natural sciences: mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics;
  • mechanical engineering, new technologies;
  • automation, electronics, instrument-making;
  • biology, medicine;
  • economics, social sciences and the humanities.

The Rector of the University, Professor Igor Olexandrovych Kovalyov, was holding the editor-in-chief post. His assistant was Vice-rector on Research Volodymyr Andriyovych Khvorost, Assistant Professor.

With the development of the University sure steps of upgrowth are made by its main scientific journal, increasing its popularity among educational and scientific establishments of Ukraine. There have been published articles from many Ukrainian cities such as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizhya, Cherkassy, Ternopil and Donetsk. That is why the size of the scientific magazine has increased greatly. Since 2001 “Visnyk of Sumy State University” has been issued 12 times a year. At the same time the journal included 6 series and every publication revealed some special topic. Since 2007 every series has got its status of a separate publication with the corresponding title:

  • “Visnyk of SSU. Series Philology”
  • “Visnyk of SSU. Series Medicine”
  • “Visnyk of SSU. Series Economy”
  • “Visnyk of SSU. Series Technical Sciences”
  • “Visnyk of SSU. Series Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics”

Editor-in- chief of the journal “Visnyk of SSU. Series Philology”, which appeared at that time twice a year, has become Doctor of Philology, Professor of Translation Department Shvachko Svitlana Olexiivna and deputy editors-in-chief – PhD, Associate Professor Kobyakova Iryna Karpivna and PhD, Associate Professor, head of Department of Journalism and Philology Tkachenko Olena Grygorivna. The journal has been included into the list of the subscribed periodicals of Ukraine (index 988772). The annotations of articles published in the journal are given in the publication “The Dzherelo”. The journal has e-mail address on the website of SSU and National Library by V.I. Vernadsky.

In 2009 because of demands put to the scientific journals and the necessity to prepare scientific-and-pedagogical community in philology within SSU, where the Humanitarian Faculty was at the moment the youngest (created in 2000), it was decided to found corporative journal of Sumy State University and V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University – the scientific journal «Filologichni Traktaty», that is to become the follower of “Visnyk of SSU. Series Philology”.

This fulfilled transformation is by no means formalistic. The editorial board has been changed greatly. It includes as well-known scientists so young specialists. The staff is headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Tkachenko Olena Grygorivna. Great attention is paid to technical side of the publication sphere. The website of the journal is created in correspondence to modern standards, the model of an article is molded, the level of journal outer aesthetics is increased. Taking care of its authors the editorial staff has greatly simplified the procedure of manuscript presentation.

The editorial staff invites everyone to cooperation and hopes that renewed version as well as its forerunner will find its authors and thankful readers.