How to submit a paper?

The editorial board of the journal “Filologichni Traktaty” highly values its authors and their free time. That is why the procedure of article presenting is quite simple and the quantity of needed documents is minimal. For your article to be published you are to fulfill next items:

Prepare the manuscript of your article that corresponds the demands put to the scientific publications and the theme spectrum of the journal following specially designed sample. All the recommendations given in the sample are obligatory. Sample you can load from the Web site here. Use the mechanism of electronic presenting and load the e-version of your manuscript per appropriate Web interface.

Together with the manuscript of your article by means of Web interface you are to present  the information about author(s) (name, surname, scientific rank, scientific degree, full name of an organization where the author works, the name of the department, rank, post address, telephone number), and the following copies: signed agreement about transition of your author’s rights; act of delivery and acceptance of services for the publication of the article; agreement on the provision of services for the publication of articles.

Other documents together with printed versions of the manuscript are not needed.

Get through secret reviewing of your article with positive conclusion of the editorial board.

Pay the very expenses of the publication and send electronic version of your check to editorial board

Money for the publication of an article in the journal “Filologichni Traktaty” send to Sumy State University, the code of budget income classification is 25010100, р/р 31258290105677, МFО 820172, code 05408289 in Kyiv. Publication fee.

Get aspects to be corrected in your manuscript, check them and inform the editorial board about introduced changes.