Hrosevych, T. V. Features of the Novel Thinking

  • The article is devoted to the study of the specifics of the novel thinking as a literary category. Based on the
    analysis of the existing theoretical and literary thought on the outlined problem, the definition of the novel thinking
    is formulated, its main features are selected, and main differences from other types of artistic thinking as well as the
    relationship with the genre of the novel as the most vivid representative of the romance consciousness are clarified.
    The author has come to the conclusion that romance thinking and the genre of the novel are genetically and
    typologically close concepts , interconnected, but not identical. The novel is a constant content-formal category, but
    romance thinking is dynamic, cognitive, and psychic one. Only the novel model of artistic consciousness is able to
    reveal the image throughout the breadth of the objective world and throughout the depth of penetration into the
    subjective world, that is, to portray a person as a subject and an object at the same time.
    Novel thinking is also analysed in the aspect of creative activity of the artist and is treated as a system
    of artistic techniques of the novelist.
  • novel, novel thinking, type of artistic thinking, artistic consciousness, genre.
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