Chernysh, A. Destructive Forms of Reception Post-Totalitarian Discourse in the Novel of S. Protsiuk «Infection»

  • The article is devoted to the identification of destructive forms of perceiving the world by the
    characters of the novel S. Protsiuk «Infection», a mental formation which occurred in the Soviet and
    postsoviet periods. The article is dedicated to the mental problems of development of posttotalitarian
    reality, marked by posttotalitarian trauma, the experience of the eradication of the colonial ideology,
    the change of moral and cultural imperatives that define the nature of the psychological formation of
    identity and self-presentation of the characters in the novel. The article reveals psychological causes
    of destructive behavior of the characters, as well as forms of reception and assimilation of
    posttotalitarian discourse. Reveals the locus of Kyiv city as a space of opportunism, immorality,
    immorality that destructure mental nature of most of the characters.
  • destruction, trauma, posttotalitarian discourse, psychological traumatic situation, the
    locus of the city.
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