Baranova S., Trofymenko A. Suggestive Material as an Aspect of Stylistic Implication of English Advertising Discourse (Based on American TV Commercials)


  • The article deals with suggestion as a communicative aspect of implication extrapolated by various stylistic devices in English television commercial advertisements, namely the use of those devices that can be equalised with implicatures concerned with creating suggestive material. It shows detailed analysis of stylistic devices employed in advertising to diversify the connotations of a product by creating implicit, suggestive meanings and connotative fields for the product that is being advertised. Particular attention is paid to the presence of suggestion as a verbal factor in forming the text of a commercial just as well as it is conveyed visually. The focus is on further proving that implications in advertisement discourse rely on suggestive stylistic material to perform the manipulative function of any commercial.
  • advertisement; suggestion, implication, stylistic devices, advertising discourse.
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