Baranova S. , Shevchenko V. Preserving Author’s Style in Rendering Comparative Constructions in Dan Brown’s Novels «Inferno» and «The Lost Symbol»

  • The article deals with the investigation of special features of translating figurative comparative constructions in the works by Dan Brown «Inferno» and «The Lost Symbol» in source and target languages. Simile as a means to express subjective and evaluative modality, to highlight personal attitude and emotions to the recipient and reality, to improve the aesthetic value of the text is considered. Comparative constructions, verbalizing the introspection of character’s inner world, intensifying reader’s attention and reflecting author’s conception of the world are investigated. Idiomatic expressions that are extraordinary and easily understood in source and target texts are characterized. The expressive role of source stylistic figures of speech and the ways of their rendering through the means of target language, the functions of comparative constructions in selected works are also regarded.
  • figurative simile, expressiveness, author’s intentions, literary works, source and target texts, comparative constructions
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