Authors Guide

The journal “Filologichni Traktaty” publishes articles which contain new visions within literature and language sciences, written in one of 6 languages (Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, French, German)

The article begins with the headline. The initials, surname and academic status of the author(s) are written one line below. There must be logically joined parts of the article.

Summary – it is a compact but precisely formulated raising of the problem and main results.

Introduction – the actuality of the raised problem which is examined in the article: the evaluation of the research concerning its being up to date, scientifically and socially needed (why it is studied and whom it is needed).

The scientific problem is given precisely: what this article is about. It must be mentioned what and by whom has already been done, and where there is the borderline between the aspects investigated and uninvestigated.

To find out the state of the topic being investigated there must be a brief review of the main sources, which must prove the topic being uninvestigated (half-investigated or within another aspect), that’s why it needs further study.

Then there must be the purpose of the article, its tasks, object and subject.

The main text of the article.

It absolutely corresponds the headline and reveals it in a full scope. This part must include examination and fundamental explanation of the obtained statements and results naming those new aspects which are brought up for the study of the given problem. It’s necessary to evaluate the completeness of solving given problems, the veracity of the received results. Here one must prove the necessity of further study. Logically given material corresponds the subject of the article.


It contains scientific and practical results which reflect new information that was received by the author(s) of the article. It’s necessary to put stress upon qualitative and quantitative markers as the result of the investigation. Conclusion is a fusion of scientific information accumulated in the main text of the article, which is to present logical summarizing of the information, its correspondence to the purpose, certain tasks formulated in the introduction.

At the beginning of the article there is summary in Ukrainian (3-4 sentences), where it is necessary to formulate precisely raising of the problem and main results, giving key words of the article.

After the text of the article

The headline of the article, surname of the author(s), summary in English (3-4 sentences), where it is necessary to formulate precisely raising of the problem and main results, giving key words of the article.

The list of references.

The list of literature references is given in the full form at the end of the typescript.

It must be numbered in the order of references in the text (but not in the alphabetical order) in the original language according to the functioning ДСТУ 7.1:2006 and demands of Ministry of Education of Ukraine (Bulletin 2008. – №3. – С. 8-13).

Regulations of designing and presenting the typescripts

The text of the article must be presented in the Word format on the A4 sheets of paper . Margins: top – 25 millimetres, bottom – 52 millimetres, left and right – both 40 millimetres, single interval, the first line of the indention – 5 millimetres. Words are printed without division into syllables. Type – School Book. All nontextual objects are made with Word intrinsic means.

The illustrations are represented in duplicate. They are made in black lines in the form ready for printing. On the reverse side of each illustration there is the number and title of the article. The illustrations can be presented as files in TIFF, JPG and PCX format (diagrams – black-and-white and photos – in grey tints).

Comments on the illustrations are printed on a separate sheet of paper.

The editorial board of the journal keeps its right to reject the publication of articles not corresponding the demands. Rejected articles are sent back to the author for further perfection.