Artemenko, I. O. A Typology of Certain Groups of Lexical Units Containing Background Semantics: Cultural Linguistics Aspect

  • Because of the complicated and controversial character of culturally-marked lexical units being a specific linguistic phenomenon either in cultural linguistics or in any of the related disciplines there is no clear or definite approach to the ways of their classification. The problem needs generalization and systematization as well as further development in order to differentiate certain categories of lexical units containing background semantics that have not been studied before. Using the up-to-date language material and regarding the existing ways of classification applicable to cultural onyms, the author makes an attempt to differentiate the culturally-marked lexemes of a certain category containing the examples of specific lexis belonging to inner culture in American English. Consequently, the lexical units being the verbalizers of North American fraternities and sororities activity in the English language of the USA were classified by seven principles within the scope of polystructural approach.
  • фонова семантика, способи класифікації, культуроніми, “внутрішньокультурна” специфічна лексика, поліструктуральний підхід, фоновая семантика, способы классификации, культуронимы, “внутрикультурная” специфическая лексика, полиструктуральный подход, background semantics, ways of classification, cultural onyms, specific lexis of inner culture, polystructural approach
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