Anokhina, T. Question Lacunae vs Theory of Speech Acts

  • The article in question deals with the problem of questionnaire in terms of speech actions. Special
    attention is being focused upon communicative lacunarity, nuclear blocks of question sentences, upon
    implied delacunized culminations. Questions in dialogues hide empty places (gaps) for delacunization
    to come. The mentioned process welcomes the third code – global translation (authentic dictionaries,
    valid commentaries, authorized relevant notes, interdiscipline definitions and linguo-cultural
    rhemes). The paper pays attention to the allocation of a separate class of interrogative sentences for
    the designation of lacunae information. Lacunae in dialogues and internal lacunae can be
    retranslated, filled by clear explicit response – partially compensated (having fuzzy implicit answer /
    hint) or be intertextually compensated.
  • questionnaire, speech act, communicative lacunarity, delacunized culmination, third
    code, global translation.
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