Zhulavskaya, O. O. & Zakharchenko, Yu. V. Translation Special Features of Metaphoric Expressions in Modern English Political Discourse

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.21272/ftrk.2018.10(2)-06

  • Metaphor as one of the most effective means of conveying expressiveness, evaluativity,
    aggressiveness, polemics and manipulations in a political language was studied. Metaphor was proved
    to act as a sufficiently veiled means of persuasion, acceptance or, conversely, the rejection of certain
    political positions.
    The question of translation of metaphorical expressions was proved to be not fully resolved in our
    time. The metaphorical unit in political communication was stated to be a problem for an interpreter
    itself through its versatility and the presence of not only a certain concept that lies in its basis but also
    a pragmatic component.
    To achieve an adequate translation of metaphorical expressions in English political discourse,
    translation transformations (permutations, replacements, addition, deletions, etc.) were offered to be
    used. The following translation strategies, which are considered to be standardized were examined:
    literal (full) translation, omission / addition, replacement of the metaphorical unit of the source
    language with the equivalent of the target language and traditional equivalent.
  • discourse, metaphor, transformations, adequate translation.
    DOI: 10.21272/Ftrk.2018.10(2)-06
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