Zhylenko I. Genre-Thematic Kaleidoscope of the Women Emigrant Flash Fiction

  • The article deals with some genres of flash fiction of little-known Ukrainian writers of the interwar period, which have mainly been placed on the pages of the emigration periodicals. Some author biographical information is being analysed and genre priorities of flash fiction are being set. Different types of stories, novels, memoirs and essays of B. O’Connor-Vilinska, O. Khrapko-Drahomanov, Lesia Verhovynka reveal a common theme – life of the Ukrainian village in the post-revolutionary period, relationship between men and women, gender issues, emigrant life. Some style features of the flash fiction have been outlined, some of which are deep psychological, philosophic and didactic generalizations. One perceives existential, ethnographic and folklore motifs, finds national symbols; apocrypha elements, fiction and sacred history – these are characteristics of the literature of the early twentieth century. Particular attention is being drawn to the cultural traditions of the Ukrainian people, depicting anti-war atmosphere of peasants. The writing skills of the writers, which lies in the use of the linguistic,stylistic, and artistic tools and techniques, is being emphasized. The idea of the general cultural space of the twentieth century without these and other names of women writers is inconceivab.
  • life and creative work, flash fiction, symbol, motif, story, novel.
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