Zhylenko, I. Emigrant Lininiana in Small Prose of Ukrainian and Russian Writers of Interwar Era

  • The article deals with emigrant Leniniana in small prose of Ukrainian and Russian writers of the
    interwar era. The common and distinctive features in the image of Lenin are defined here.
    Attention is drawn to the seemingly satirical depiction of the proletariat leader in the works of
    A. Averchenko, O. Kuprin, Teffi, Sasha Chornyi, K. Polischuk and others. The writers’ approaches to
    revealing Lenin’s character, his attitude towards the people and the results of his policy that caused
    the general decline of life in the Soviet Union have been also analyzed. It turns out how Lenin’s
    slogans and appeals worked. The folk material presented in stories and short stories by I. Savin and
    Yu. Lypa (anecdote, folk song) is outlined.
    Based on A. Chekmanovsky’s story „Lenin’s Collective Farm“ there have been analyzed the
    terrible consequences of the communist experiment introduced by Marxist-Leninist politics, which is
    distinct in the work of writers.
    The historical and publicist material involved in the study helps to conclude that small prose of
    emigrant writers of the interwar era has a serious real ground. Applying different methods and
    techniques (science fiction, grotesque, anti-utopia and carnival tradition), Russian and Ukrainian
    writers have made a significant contribution to the development of emigrant Leniniana.
  • emigrant Leniniana, satirical image, small prose, anti-utopia, grotesque, carnival
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