Zhylenko, I. Children’s Thematics in Emigrant Small Prose of V. Vynnychenko and A. Averchenko

  • The article deals with the works of the interwar period small prose of the emigrant writers V. Vynnychenko and A. Averchenko, devoted to the children’s world, which was a tremendous value for the authors. It turns out that the work of the Ukrainian author „Necklace“ and of the Russian „king of laughter“ „Children“ contain similar elements which can be united into two blocks: thematic (sacred thematics, suffering orphan life, child friendship, relationships with adults, caring for parents, children’s games and antics) and stylistic (psychology, philosophy, music, means of expressiveness – comparison, metaphor, grotesque, hyperbolization, irony), which include the features of language: folk signs, emotionality, outdated vocabulary. Attention is drawn to some common features of poetics – eyes, hair, and smile.The author emphasizes the high artistic level of the works of small prose.
    Vynnychenko as a neorealist and Averchenko as a humorist writer showed a respectful attitude towards children, the best representatives of humanity. Both children and adults like their optimistic stories. The article determines that the thematics of children in difficult emigrant years became a kind of salvation anchor for outstanding writers of XX century.
  • emigration, small prose, „Necklace“, „Children“, psychology, philosophy, song, humor, comparison, poetics, vocabulary.
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