Yehorova O. Indefinite Quantity in Language and Cognition: Imagery-Evaluative Perspective

  • The study highlights different types of cognitive metaphors, identifies motivational bases of
    quantitative images, and reveals evaluative potential of these metaphoric imaging. Analyzing both
    cognitive and language contexts helps establish correlations between the quantitative and qualitative
    (axiological) judgments in terms of notions “good” and “bad”. Involvement of image-schemes as
    motivational bases for interpreting quantitative metaphors is conditioned by their explanatory
    potential that reveals the patterns and specifics of human‟s thinking and imagination, by their
    contribution to the development of both somatic and special codes of a linguoculture and to
    objectifying the motivational grounds of the language quantitative expressions.
  • indefinite quantity, semantics, concept, imagery-evaluative layer, metaphor, image-
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