Voloshuk V. І. Structure-semantic features of the architectural terms and methods of their translation

  • The article is devoted to structure-semantic features of the architecture terminology and methods of translation for architectural terms. Semantically, it is advisable to distribute all architectural terms for such specific classes, types of buildings, construction of buildings, structural elements of buildings, parts of buildings, engineering buildings, types of decoration and their subtypes. Structurally, most of the terms from the field of architecture appeared by wordcomposition. Widely applied are multinomial nouns, usually tripartite. Suffixal and prefixal ways of term formation also frequently used in the field of German architecture. The translation of the architectural units can be made by using the lexical equivalent transcoding and tracing, but the most productive is the descriptive method.
  • Term, structure-semantic features, wordcomposition, lexical equivalent, descriptive method of translation.
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