Vladymyrova V. M. Unexpected turns of destiny (personal and creative life of the Kulish family according to the works of V. Petrov “Kulish’s Love Stories” and I. Korsak “Hanna Barvinok’s Ring”)

  • The article dwells on the problem of a multi-faceted personality self-realization, the search of opportunities for its harmonious existence in the spiritual and domestic life according to the works of V. Petrov and I. Korsak. It is stated that the personality of P. Kulish has become significant for the writers of different literary epochs. V. Petrov doesn’t only use the actual material for writing his novel, but also artistically complements it depicting the protagonist in the context of historic events. The author gives the reader an opportunity to understand that the epoch of Romanticism influences the protagonist’s behavioral model and his interaction with the world. The involved epistolary body helps to create P. Kulish’s versatile psychological portrait to show the contradiction of his character. With the difference of V. Petrov’s novella, in the modern writer I. Korsak’s novel everything is viewed through Alexandra Bilozerska’s world perception, which creates a unique female version of the depicted events. Describing the main character’s destiny, I. Korsak outlines very important existential and philosophical problems typical of today’s life.
  • literary tradition, creative self-expression, emotional impulses, psychological portrait, epistolary.
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