Tarnopolsky, O., Kabanova, M., & Storozhuk, S. Cultural Aspects and Project Method in Teaching Business English

  • The article is devoted to discussing the significance and the constituent parts of the cultural aspect in teaching English for business communication at non-linguistic higher schools in Ukraine. Eight components of communicative competence in business communication in English are determined, and it is demonstrated that five of them ensure the culture-dependent parameters of verbal business communication. These five components are the leading ones, and it is they that determine what language forms are chosen by communicators to achieve their goals and intentions in business communication. The authors give examples of the specific impact on this communication of every one of the five components of communicative competence that provide for the correspondence of business intercourse to the cultural and social norms existing in a given language community.
    The role of project method in foreign language teaching is demonstrated as the optimal means for helping students develop the culture-dependent components of their communicative competence in business communication in English.
  • business communication in English, communicative competence, culture-dependent components of business communicative competence in English, project method.
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