Strelchenko D.V. Language means of the English-speaking advertising discourse

  • The article deals with various language fillings of advertizing texts which are directed on realization of the main function: to convince the addressee to buy the advertized goods or service. Among widely usage of advertizing media language on different levels we allocate : the rhymed form of a slogan, a lexeme of a positive estimation, expressive-emotional lexemes, stylistic receptions and different aspects of semasiology), occasional innovations and etc.
  • рекламний дискурс, рекламный дискурс, an advertizing discourse, римована форма слогана, рифмованная форма слогана, the rhymed form of a slogan, лексеми, лексемы, a lexeme, стилістичні прийоми, стилистические приемы, stylistic receptions,
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