Stepanov, V. V., Shvachko, S. A. Frame Modeling of Concepts on the Basis of a Proverb Parallel Corpus

  • The article reveals an algorithm proposed and constructed by author for frame modeling of concepts in general and for that of the MIND concept in particular on the basis of a proverb parallel corpus with engaging basic frames which are structurally reproduced in a graphical form according to the formula «idea – proposition – slot». Additional illustrative means of verbalizing the modeled concept are represented as well.
  • концепт, фрейм, фреймове моделювання, прислів’я, глибинна структура прислів’їв (тема, рема), паралельний корпус, фреймовое моделирование, пословицы, глубинная структура пословиц (тема, рема), параллельный корпус, concept, frame, frame modeling, proverbs, inner proverb structure (theme, rheme), parallel corpus
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