Shvachko S. O., Khaba N. V. Peculiarities of the Paroemiological Units vs Translation

  • While considering translation as the intercultural interaction, much attention should be paid to
    the translation of set, cultural marked units that convey some extralinguistic reality. Such units
    certainly cover the paroemiological units.
    Paroemias are concise, easy to remember and useful in everyday life. The paroemiological
    wisdom has been guidance for people worldwide in their social interaction throughout the ages. The
    paroemias demonstrate the uniqueness of life assessments of different nations and are usually
    transferred in translation by the equivalents adequately accepted in the target culture.
    The research is devoted to the analysis of the paroemiological units from the viewpoint of
    translation. The notion of paroemia is defined as well and within this notion two main types of
    paroemiological units are distinguished. The article focuses on the ways of translation of paroemias
    and verifies the classification of their translation methods.
  • paroemiological unit, proverb, saying, translation, equivalent, adequacy.
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