Prokopenko N., Hachataryan K. Dialogicality as a fundamental feature of the language of the newspaper “DAY”


  • In this article the linguistic peculiarities of dialogical speech of contemporary newspaper discourse on the materials of the daily Ukrainian edition „Den’“ are researched. The role and place of dialogical speech of various genres in newspaper texts was determined, the main stylistic methods of interaction and the purpose of using linguistic units in the dialogical discursive newspaper environment are revealed. It is concluded that dialogical speech of texts of printed media has poorly expressed gender characteristics, but is characterized by a clear structural organization. Dialogical speech is the main quality that makes the newspaper text informally rich, interactive and productive; it is an integral attribute of journalists‘ writing of the „Den’“ authors. At the same time, the dominant role in creating the investigated texts plays verbal elements.
  • discourse, dialogue, dialogical speech, speech genres, syntax, stylistics, text.
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