Omelchuk Y. O. Contextual Analysis of Media Texts (Based on Fake News «Conspiracy Theorist Convinces Neil Armstrong Moon Landing Was Faked»)

  • Today’s mass media are primarily connected with the Internet, because it is the World Wide Web
    where one can quickly find out information about the latest events, read the latest and most current
    news. Due to the tendency to drop the circulation of daily printed publications and the ability of the
    Internet network to cover incidents and sensations faster, the Internet becomes the most demanded
    news media platform. Internet users are quite interested in humorous and satirical references, ironic
    messages – fake news. The article clarifies the concept of „fake“, investigates the specifics of
    functioning of the English-language pseudo-news in the media space, in particular, perlocutionary
    effect on society is observed, text-typological features of the morphological, lexical-semantic,
    syntactic, graphic contexts of media texts of English-language fake news are established.
  • media space, pseudo-news, fake, media text, context.
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