Movchan D., Vetoshkina M. British Newspaper Discourse: from Notion to Lexical and Grammatical Features

  • The present article deals with the notion of discourse in general, and newspaper discourse in particular. Newspaper discourse is considered to be a special form of the language functioning, the aim of which is not only the transferring of information, but also the manipulating of thoughts and views of a recipient. The research pays attention to lexical and grammatical features of British newspaper discourse. The paper analyses the titles of the newspaper texts, key word-combinations as the media of stereotypical information; determines the role of phraseological units for intensification of nominative and stylistic content of the utterances. It characterizes the syntactic typological features of modern British newspapers. The results of the research prove that the main features of British newspaper discourse are expressiveness, a concise and evaluative character of information.
  • newspaper discourse, online publication, lexical features, grammatical features, evaluative information.
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