Medvid O. M., Volynska K. I. Medical instruction: structural and compositional, lexico-semantic and translation aspects

  • The study focuses on English- and Ukrainian medical instructions as a marker of medical terminological units, variability of their nomenclature and lack of complete interchangeability between the two languages. The article is devoted to the study of lexical, structural and compositional, translation aspects of the texts-instructions. The variability of the medical terminology discourse is represented in the translation of the medical instructions. The main lexical and grammatical means of pharmaceutical terminology translation in texts-instructions generally include: transliteration, calque, lexical additions, antonymous and descriptive translation; lexical and grammatical transformations, parallel syntactic constructions. A wide range and progressive production of new drugs of the international brands will always serve as the object of linguistic and translation researches.
  • terminological unit, lexeme, variability, medical instruction, pharmaceutical and medical discourses, translation.
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