Medvid, O., Pietukhova, A., Vashyst, K. Telescoping as a Method of Neologisms Formation (Based on the Material of Modern English Online Mass Media)

  • The article is devoted to telescoping as a method of word formation. Being based on the material of modern English online mass media it analizes the usage of telescopic units, defines their structural and semantic features, determines the ways of their translation and also investigates productivity and activity of telescoping method of word formation. Complex functional analysis is based on the well-known modern classifications and gives grounds to consider that telescoping is a productive way of neologisms creation. Recently the usage of telescopic units has become more and more popular, translator is to be responsible for decoding such words and interpreting them in the target language.
  • телескопія, блендинг, словотвір, бінарна структура, неологізм, дискурс ЗМІ, телескопия, блендинг, словообразование, бинарная структура, неологизм, дискурс СМИ, telescoping, blending, word formation, binary structure, neologism, mass media discourse
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