Litvinko O. A. Phenomenon of Determinologization (On the Material of Modern English Subsystem of Terms – Mechanical Engineering)

  • The paper focuses on the problem of determinologization in modern English special subsystem of terms – mechanical engineering. Relevance of the study is explained by the leading role of scientific and technical terminology in the English system of professional communication.The purpose of this article is to study the problem of determinologization in the specified terminological sybsystem. Determinologization is constant and active phenomenon for modern languages. It highlights the ongoing process of interaction of terminological and general vocabulary.The analysis of dictionary entries helped to point out that many handbooks of new words included the term units subjected to the process of determinologization. They are usually formed on the base of nomenclature and technical terms.The thorough investigation helped to define that outside of the terminological field lexical units lost the signs of „ideal“ term and they became emotional and expressive units.
  • термінологія машинобудування, детермінологізція, термінологічне поле, підсистема, переносне значення, фразеологізм, терминология машиностроения, детерминологизация, терминологическое поле, подсистема, переносное значение, фразеологизм, mechanical engineering terminology, determinologization, terminological field, subsystem, figurative meaning, phraseologism
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