Kuznietsova, O. Speech Mask as a Device of the Author’s Transformation in Comic Idiodiscourse

  • In the article the research of the author’s speech mask in comic idiodiscourse is offered for the first time. The mask phenomenon, influenced by epoch, suffered changes and has turned from simple attribute of conviviality, carnival into artistic device, became a central text category. Thus, the speech mask becomes the mechanism of author’s transformation, represents not only a non-verbal side of the personality, but also gives a chance to creatively present him or herself in the text.
    As a result of the research of literary works by a modern American writer-humorist Dave Barry it is established that such type of a mask is a difficult three-level phenomenon which fully penetrates author’s works and is shown on the front cover, contents and the text. We refer absurdity, allusion, the use of nonce words, intertextuality and paradox to the most frequently stylistic devices used by the author. In the work the definition of comic idiodiscourse as a kind of discourse of comic tonality, a product of carnival model of the world is offered.
  • carnival, character image, comic idiodiscourse, mask, speech mask.
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