Kushlyk O. P. Realization of word-building capability of motivated by adjectives causative (circumfixal) verbs of perception in ukrainian language

  • This article analyzes word-building capability of motivated by adjectives circumfixal verbs with the following word-building meaning «to assign the signs which can be perceived by sense organs» in the Ukrainian language, namely: traces possession of derivatives to the three word-building zones – substantive, verbal, adjectival and finds out the extent of filling in each of them; determines the set of word-building means which explicit word-building meaning within each zone; describes possibility of transition of certain deverbatives into another structural-semantic type, in particular, inchoative verbs.
  • словотвірна парадигма, словообразовательная парадигма, word-building paradigm, словотвірна зона, словообразовательная зона, word-building zone, словотвірне значення, словообразовательное значение, word-building meaning, словотворчий формант, словообразовательный формант, word-building formant, відприкметникове каузативне дієслово, отприлагательный (отадъективный) каузативный глагол, motivated by adjective causative verb, структурно-семантичний тип, структурно-семантический тип, structural-semantic type
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