Kovaliova, T. & Havryliuk, I. The Artistic Representation of Information In Travel Essay Journalism of M. Trublaini

  • The peculiarities of the artistic representation of information in travel essays of the famous Soviet-Ukrainian writer and journalist M. Trublaini are considered in the article. It is emphasized that M. Trublaini’s work reflects the general tendencies of development of travel essay of the late 20’s – early 30’s of the XX century. It was found that the artistic representation of information in M. Trublaini’s travel essays depends on the leading cognitive and propagandistic types of mass communication at that time. The essayist focuses on character-images, as well as landscape descriptions. With their help he creates a real picture of the world through which his path lies, like a traveler. At the same time, Trublaini tries to create a „new“ space, a „new“ world, whose main character is the „renewed“ Soviet man. The emphasis on descriptive-informative and narrative-propaganda components leads to a decrease in the degree of artistic filling of travel essays by M. Trublaini.
  • travel essay, travel essay journalism, M. Trublaini, artistic representation of information, portrait, landscape, detail.
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