Kats, Y. & Romanenko, A. Structural-Semantic and Functional Features of Repetition in English Texts-Announcements

DOI:  https://doi.org/10.21272/ftrk.2018.10(2)-07 

  • The article deals with the study of the structural-semantic and functional features of the repetition
    in the English texts-announcements. The conducted research determines that the repetition in TA acts
    as a multifunctional phenomenon, the effectiveness of which is aimed at the implementation of
    informative, integrative, accumulative, empathic and nominative / topical functions. It was found that
    the implementation of these repetition functions contributes to the implementation of informative and
    advertising functions of the texts-announcement and their pragmatic effectiveness in general.
  • text-announcement, informative function, advertising function, pragmatic-
    communicative purpose, category of repetition, implicit / explicit repetition, text level.
    DOI: 10.21272/Ftrk.2018.10(2)-07
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