Kalantaievska, H. P. & Vykhrova, A. O. Inner World of Children and Adolescents of a Post-War Village in Stories of Viktor Blyznets

  • The article considers V.Blyznets’s artistic reflection of the inner world and the process of maturation of children and adolescents of a post-war village filled as well with personal author’s impressions. The paper considers the spectrum of emotions, dreams, values, convictions, peculiar to the generation which has experienced adversity of hunger and occupation, formed in conditions of close union with nature, heavy physical labor, loss of parents, recovery and hope for their own life success. The article focuses on the influence of rural realities, family problems, internal conflicts on the formation of a responsible, honest, creative and purposeful personality capable of achieving fairness and justice within society over the years. It’s important to note that the main characters of V.Blyznet’s stories have harmonious combination of curiosity and critical analytical thinking, responsibility and non-perception of falsehood, fantasy and dreaminess with ability to work hard and achieve their goals.
  • post-war generation, motivation of actions, life goals.
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