Нorbolis, L. Ecological and Corporal Aspect of Comprehension of Relationship Between Man and Nature in the Novel „Svitovan. Studies Under the Celestial Dome“ by Myroslav Dochynets

  • The ecological and corporal code of interpretation of the way of thinking, life philosophy of the main character of the novel „Svitovan. Studies Under the Celestial Dome” by the modern Ukrainian writer M. Dochynets were used in the article. Works on psychology, philosophy, ecology, sociology as well as ideas of literary anthropology and literary gerontology helped to identify the essential features in the behaviour models and the complex of the protagonist’s feelings with the animate and inanimate nature of forests and mountains. On the basis of numerous artistic facts, it was proved that the ecological culture of the protagonist was built on the ancient knowledge, traditions and beliefs about nature and its preservation. Many years of experience of interacting with nature, the system of ecological knowledge, skills and habits have continued Svitovan’s life, strengthened his body, have given the meaning of his everyday life of staying with nature, and made meaningful relations with people. In the novel, the author offered an image of Ukrainian hero with the status of an environmentally competent person.
  • protagonist, eco-culture, literary gerontology, eco-awareness, corporal code.
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