Dunaeva, M. N., Morozova, I. A. The Peculiarities of Creative Writing, Its Characteristics, Typical Difficulties and the Way to Overcome Them

  • The article emphasizes the importance of developing creative writing skills in teaching English depending on the amount of class time available for writing, the demands of the curriculum, and needs of the learners. It focuses on the possible reasons the students could have to be involved in the writing task. As practice shows, the application of modern technologies enriches the content of the educational process, increases student’ motivation to learn English and promotes a close cooperation between the teacher and the student. It deals with two general approaches to writing and provides a wide variety of activities which can be used to motivate writing. Different examples presented in this article will be helpful in producing writing.
  • motivation, writing skills, critical thinking, to communicate effectively, general approaches, learning experience, мотивація, навички письма, критичне мислення, для ефективного спілкування, загальні підходи, знання і практичний досвід, мотивация, навыки письма, критическое мышление, для эффективного общения, общие подходы, знания и практический опыт
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