Dudchenko L. In the travelogue genre

  • The genesis of travelogue has pre-literature origin and dates back to the period of mythopoetic model of a human and the world, which is represented in the folklore, particularly in the fairy tales. Each epoch introduced its invariants to the genre nature. The beginning of the 20th century marked a new stage in the history of the genre. Having considered „Travelling without meaning and morality“ by Iren Rozdobudko, the author of the article concludes that the work represents travelogue with a transparent image-making function and features of marketing communication according to its concept and plot-compositional structure. The author of the travelogue expresses her attitude to the things she saw by the selection of details and events, unfolded in time and space in order to get a reader interested and convince him to travel. This is the aim of all collected and comprehended facts and details, language, style and tone of the narrative All mentioned above allows considering the work to be not only literary genre, but also one of the most interesting genres of the travel journalism.
  • travelogue, detail, composition, plot, traveler’s image, image function.
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