Dymovska, A. Markers of Ideological Kitsch in a Story “Control Numbers” by Les Gomin, in a Short Story “Yurko” and in a Sketch “Future Pitmen” by M. Khvylovyi

  • The article is dedicated to the research of markers of ideological kitsch, of means and principles of creating of kitsch images in literature of 30-s XX sent. on the material of artistic prose by N. Khvylovyi and L.Gomin. We traced the sources of social realistic figurativeness and established its connections with avant-garde art. Also we drew lots of attention to the analysis and summarizing of mechanism of literature’s transfer from avant-garde to social realism, in consequence of this there appears such a half marginal phenomenon as ideological kitsch. And in its turn it is considered as a system of different types of kitsch – revolutionary-romantic, manufacturing-common, Stalinist, “antibourgeois” and etc. The advanced hypothesis are proved by typological comparison of works by N. Khvylovyi and L.Gomin, in which we can definitely trace markers of different types of ideological kitsch. And, as the researcher considers, they illustrate the victory of social realism on the avant-garde and the asseveration of “new soviet literature”, and also it is an evidence of creative crisis and personal drama of writers in 30-s years.
  • kitsch, avant-garde, social realism, image, marker.
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