Chuiko, O. A., Linguistic and Synergetic Aspects of Gender Differentiation of Pharmaceutical Trade Names

  • The article deals with the onomastic microsystem of modern pharmacology as synergetic system. The synergetic features are defined in the pharmaceutical onomastic microsystem. Openness of the system which closely correlates with dissipativity, another synergetic system characteristic, is the ability to exchange information with other systems and the environment. Nonlinearity of the language system consists in changes caused by factors of various nature. The dynamism appears in the evolution or involution of the language, its ability to preserve stability within a certain period of time until the next fluctuation. That is why pharmaceutical onomastic microsystem is a metastable system and it undergoes influence of the other systems. Special attention is paid to gender differentiation which is one of the key factors of language fluctuations and results in its self-organization. Pragmatic aspect of gender biased pharmaceutical trade names in synergetic context is analyzed.
  • синергетика, фармацевтична ономастична мікросистема, торгова назва, гендер, гендерна диференціація, synergetics, pharmaceutical onomastic microsystem, trade name, gender, gender differentiation, фармацевтическая ономастическая микросистема, торговое название, гендерная дифференциация
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