Baranova, S. & Rozhenko, O. Problem of Transformations in Translation of English- Language National Anthems


  • This article deals with the translation aspect of English-language national anthems as texts of
    ideological discourse. The paper is aimed at analyzing characteristic translation transformations
    which are performed while translating the national anthems of the USA, Canada, and Ireland into
    Ukrainian. The aim of the research implies conducting the detailed analysis of the conveyance of the
    external (rhythm, rhyme) and internal (content, ideological concepts, images) poetic matrix in the
    Ukrainian translations. The most frequently used lexical-semantic (concretization, modulation,
    generalization), grammatical (conversion), syntactic (integration, change of word order)
    transformations are determined. The main ideological concepts (the True North, the Star-Spangled
    Banner, the soldier’s song) of each national anthem are found out; they are completely represented in
    the Ukrainian poetic translations which function as texts of ideological discourse.
  • ideological discourse, anthem, poetic translation, translation transformations,
    modulation, concretization, generalization.
    DOI: 10.21272/Ftrk.2018.10(2)-03
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