Atamanchuk, V. Spirituality Concept Aesthetical Realization in Ivan Ohienko’s Play «To Happiness!»

  • The article is devoted to defining Ivan Ohienko aesthetical conception realized in mystery «To Happiness!». Aesthetical peculiarities of a play are analyzed in the article, main problems are investigated, philosophical aspects of its interpretation are defined. It is claimed that philosophical and religious aspects are necessary components for understanding aesthetical paradigm of a play. The main conflict in the play is analyzed as such that is based on opposition of physical and spiritual origins. It is defined which forms of artistic convention are used for displaying personal contradictions, that specify the character of a conflict in a play. Methods of spiritual ideals artistic realization in the play are shown.
    The main object of depiction in the play – personality of main hero Vasyl. The playwright displays subconscious processes using abstract images, when Vasyl dreams, paying attention to distinguishing every sphere of human personality namely Mind, Heart, Soul, Body etc. Simultaneously Ivan Ohienko shows the state of his consciousness. So, the author finds the ways to depict formation of thought about different component of hero’s nature, that combines physical and spiritual aspects.
  • mystery, Ivan Ohienko, spirituality, conflict, the characters, development of action, artistic convention.
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