Anokhina, T. The Corpus-Based Lacunicon Within the Lexicographic Study


  • The corpus-based lacunicon makes the subject of this investigation. The corpus-based lacunicon has been
    studied within the sphere of lexicography. The working method is ontognoseological. The actuality of this article is
    verified by its topicality in terms of the modern syncretic study, in the modi of language, speech and cognition. The
    aim of the article consists in two objectives: to consider the mechanics of categorization and conceptualization. The
    basic terms embrace absence, lack, denial, nothing, negation. These words are being dealt with in the dictionaries
    of American-English and British–English variants. The dimensional measurement is at its best herein. The dominant
    core lemma would be the head word lacuna which is to welcome the realm of lacunarity – the corpus based
    lacunicon. Perspective vistas are being mentioned as the corpus-based lacunicon creation
  • the corpus-based lacunicon, lexicography, absence, lack, denial, nothing, negation.
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