Afanasieva, O. M. Ritualized Communicative Practices in the Age of New Technologies


  • The article is devoted to the review and analysis of modern interpretations of the newest communication
    processes in the digital environment and identification of the main parameters and attributes of these processes
    which determine their ritualization. Cognitive, praxis, sociocommunicative and strictly communicative parameters
    of the organization of the virtual communication space are singled out. New signs and types of communicative
    structures, interactive models, communicative actors, forms and means of communication are presented.
    Communicative practices in the era of new technologies are considered in view of the interaction of the processes
    of routinization and ritualization, which lead to the consolidation of certain practices and attribute them a cultural
    and symbolic dimension. The ritual is considered in a dynamic aspect, which determines the possibilities of its
    transfer, transformations, etc.
  • ritual, communication, new technologies, media, network, community.
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